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Sky manta rays

Speculative Biology:

This group is what we believe are the whales of the sky. Their appearance is superficial of that of a manta ray. Differing form their oceanic counterparts this group is often humongous, being reporting to be bigger than a 747-jet liner, with close to translucent skin. They have been seen slowly flapping their “wings”, but this motion has little effect on the area around them. Their behavior witness remind use heavily of an open ocean filter feeder, often doing large and slow figure eight motions which is a very efficient way to feed by the slow animal. These seem to not pose a direct threat to humans and not noticing our presents at all.

On Dec. 3rd, 2003, In Masion County WV along the Ohio river a man and a women witnessed an incredible sight of a Living UFO. This couple started to head home from Huntington WV on this night along the river, when they had an unbelievable encounter with a large Manta Ray shaped UFO. This "Animal" was doing figure eights over the road and river. This behaver has been seen in many open ocean filter feeders including Manta Rays. They watch this creature for some time before it gently flapped its wings and started to head back up towards the sky. A day later a woman and her daughter in Randolph County (a short distance from the first encounter) had seen a similar "animal" flying over the car. Two interesting facts with these encounters are that both parties seen a similar creature and had no fear but more of a sense of wonder and that both encounters had been reported before either had been leaked to the press so neither knew about the others encounters till after they were both reported.

These encounters are being reported more and more often so next time you're driving at night keep an eye out in the sky for these majestic beasts in the air above.

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